A level playing field

Everyone wants a level playing field, including the Baulkham Hills Netball Association for its courts at Wellgate Avenue in Kellyville, New South Wales.

Over time, the site which was originally used as a landfill location had subsided, causing undulations in the surface of eight of its thirty six courts. The condition of the courts had reached a stage where they were no longer suitable for netball competitions.

Specialist court construction company, Court Craft was called on to rebuild the affected courts. The work involved removal of old asphalt, followed by preparation of a supporting road base structure, new asphalt and a final layer of green Plexipave Netball surface.

Following excavation of the old asphalt surfaces, preparation for the new courts involved laying down 200 cubic metres of road base. A 5,000 Litre capacity watercart from TWS Hire was called in to perform the task of keeping the road base wet as part of the levelling and compaction process.

Court Craft selected the TWS Hire watercart because it was rated as ‘car licence’ and authorised for operation by any of their staff with a current drivers’ licence. The vehicle was also small enough for easy manoeuvrability on the site. Tank refills were carried out by using the supplied standpipe connected to the water main connection point located in the street adjacent to the court site.

“Court Craft appreciated that the 5000 L watercart was able to get the job done safely and within the prescribed time”, said TWS Hire’s Bill Bastian. “All our late-model water carts are delivered to site complete with full operational instructions, up-to-date regulatory and service records, fully serviced and ready to go to work”, he said.


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