First MAKO tidal power turbine installed in Queensland

Sydney, November 19, 2018 - Australia’s first tidal power generator has been installed at a port facility in Queensland.

A tidal turbine has been mounted on existing port infrastructure at Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC)and is producing electricity to be used at the company’s loading terminal.

The trial installation by Gladstone Ports Corporation is the first application of a tidal energy generator in the country.

The MAKO.7 is an Australian engineered and manufactured turbine-based renewable electricity generation system. This system produces power from predictable tidal flow and delivers electricity from the energy source to its use at the power-point.

The company that has developed and manufactures the Mako turbine, Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd, (EET) is also working with customers and interested parties in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Scandinavia and PNG.

EET’s CEO, Douglas Hunt, said “the Queensland installation represents the culmination of seven years of system design, development, testing, trials, performance analysis and validation”.

The company says the practical application of the Mako turbine at Gladstone Ports Corpora

tion is a game changer for the Australian renewable energy industry.

“Multiple arrays of this low-cost generator can provide real power generation solutions throughout the world in the short to medium term. We are one of few companies that have looked beyond the tidal turbine itself in developing a commercially ready tidal generation system.

“Tidal energy is an ideal energy solution in selected locations and in conjunction with solar, is a complementary power source that adds predictability and improves the energy production level,” Douglas Hunt said.

GPC CEO Peter O'Sullivan said they are excited to be partnering with MAKO to demonstrate the turbine’s capabilities, particularly within a port environment.

“GPC has long recognised the potential to extract energy from the tides in Gladstone and we are pleased to now be able to investigate this further as we continue on our pathway to a sustainable future,” Mr O’Sullivan said.


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