Brush up your marketing skills

Business may be booming today but are you prepared for the time when gaining and retaining customers may get a bit tough?

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to allocate time to your marketing strategy and tasks. Attending to basic marketing ‘housework’ will ensure your communication tools are working properly and will make a huge difference when you may strike a softer market.

What are some of the marketing basics you need to consider?

Make sure your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media carries clear information about what you are offering and why you can satisfy their needs. Avoid talking too much about yourself and the history of the business. Customers are looking online for solutions that will help them make money.

Include updated and reassuring content that gives evidence of your performance; customer testimonials, case studies and plenty of good quality images that show a variety of your work. Let potential customers know you offer professional service and have all the equipment, latest technology, staff, insurance, safety and compliance processes in place.

Does your marketing communication reflect your deep understanding of your potential customers’ unmet needs, issues and questions? Are your contact details easy to find, up to date and there’s a location map? Do you state what market areas you supply?

There’s nothing more likely to discourage enquiries and ring alarm bells than information on your website that is obviously outdated or irrelevant to your target market. Make sure all information is current, topical and shows regular posts that demonstrate you care about and understand the needs of your market.

People searching on the Internet aren’t really interested in your company history or hearing from you how good you may be. What will impress them is relevant testimonial type stories where satisfied customers are explaining the reasons why your product or service has been a value to them.

More importantly, do you have someone who is refreshing your web content and ensuring that search engine optimisation (SEO) is up to date. The way Google operates today is totally different to just a year ago.

Watch your ranking

Your web ranking is rewarded by Google in several ways and today you need to work your web site more smartly to stay on top. If you are running an online ad campaign or using industry searches, have you taken the time to analyse what’s working and what’s not?

Sound and efficient marketing practices are critical for long term success in good and tough times. Invest in time and effort and you will see the rewards. Remember, the good times won’t keep rolling forever, so making sure your marketing communication is in good shape. If you can’t afford an internal marketing specialist, take time to check the right marketing communications provider who will provide a level of affordable service that suits your business.

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