Why is your web content critical?

Is your website one of the hundreds that were set up six months or more ago but its content has not changed much, or at all?
Old news is boring!
How long has it been since you posted a news item for an advisory blog?
Time moves swiftly in the online world. Your website can't afford to be static -- if it's not relevant to searchers, Google may penalise your ranking.
Be dynamic!
Have you loaded photographs or videos to enhance your content? Have you made sure your Webmaster has updated all the optimisation tools?

Google is regularly checking your site to see whether it is being modified and growing in search relevance, which will improve your ranking score.


Information is powerful!


Creating unique, informative, quality content gives it the power to generate back from other websites, known as “back links” which amplifies the chances of you being found online.


We can help you generate quality, unique content that provides real value to the business or person searching.


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